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After spending several years searching for a resource that spirals necessary skills for success in math, we decided to write our own. Our students’ scores on the state mandated test improved dramatically after the implementation of our builders. Enjoy the same success by implementing builders as your daily homework assignments.

Our books are designed to recycle skills necessary for algebra readiness. When used effectively, students practice skills until they become automatic, allowing for deeper understanding of future mathematical concepts.

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Katherine LaChance Rhonda Brady

Copyright Information

The reproduction rights grant permission to the purchaser of this book to reproduce copies ONLY for the students in a teacher’s classroom. This right does not extend to other teachers, to the entire grade level of teachers, to the entire campus, or to the entire school district. We allow the copying of our books for student use only.

Our copyright prohibits any of our materials to be published on individual or teacher webpage’s where access to the internet by the general public is accessible. It also prohibits the resale of our products to individuals or web based book companies.

Each teacher or individual using the builder books need to have a copy of the book or books in his or her possession.


Ricky Ryan

Little Cypress-Mauriceville CISD Mathematics Specialist

"Kathy and Rhonda have done an excellent job putting the Algebra Readiness Builder series together. Each of the books in the series address the curriculum necessary to be successful in that grade or course. The books not only address key topics but also provides hints to help students who might not have been taught that topic yet or have forgotten. What I like best about these books is the review and repetition of skills along with the constant reminders of key vocabulary. If a student works through all 80 pages of one of these books they will have the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the next grade or course."


For a school district price quote, please email Katherine LaChance. Please include the titles and quantities for each book.